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Light and Lacey: Filigree, Ajoure and Openwork Jewellery

Since ancient times, humans have experimented with gold's unique properties to great decorative effect.

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Big, Bold & Fabulous – The Exuberance of 1940’s Retro Jewellery

The 40's was a decade of great austerity, and yet it is no coincidence that jewellery from this era displays such a boisterous joie de vivre, ...

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Mid-Century Jewellery, for a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour

With their smoky eyes and crimson pouts, their sleek "hollywood waves", and their abundance of outrageously magnificent diamonds, ...

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Black Onyx in Jewellery, A Favourite Through The Ages

The semi-precious stone known as Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, black in colour and often containing white or coloured banding.

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