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Sentimental Jewellery – The Symbolism of Antique Buckle Rings

Popular throughout the 19th century, buckle rings are a classic and enduring example of Victorian sentimental jewellery.

Victorian jewellery was rich in symbolism and often sought to convey meaning through both the form and detail of a piece and the materials used – spelling out (sometimes literally) a message that would have been clearly understood by the society of the day.

Often quite cryptic, their meaning can seem rather obscure to a modern audience. The buckle, however, is quite a literal symbol, signifying the binding of two together in love or friendship.

The buckle motif was common not just in rings but also lockets, cuff bracelets, brooches and even earrings of the 19th century.
Buckle jewellery was a popular gift choice for lovers or dear friends wanting to express their loyalty and attachment.

Particularly in the second half of the century, buckles were commonly seen on promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings – representing fidelity, constancy, and the eternal nature of a couple’s commitment to one another. In a time before De Beers’ hugely successful advertising campaign made diamonds synonymous with commitment and longevity, the charming symbolism of buckle rings was a perfect expression of the sentiments underpinning a happy and successful life-long bond.

The value of such sentiments still holds strong and so too does the popularity of buckle rings. What a sweet and rather original way to profess your love and devotion to the special one in your life!

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