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Art Deco 935 Silver, Amazonite & Marcasite Ring

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A striking German Art Deco dress ring from the 1920s.
Crafted very much in the style of Theodor Fahrner, this fabulous ring displays all the attributes characteristic of 1920s Deco. Angular geometries, strong symmetry and a cool-tone contrasting colour palette used to fabulous effect – this beautiful ring has it all!
Without a clear trademark I can’t definitively attribute this piece to Fahrner, but given the high purity silver (Fahrner used 935 silver almost exclusively), the mode of construction and the high quality craftsmanship, I can’t help wondering if it really was made in the Fahrner workshop. Not to mention the design – it shows such remarkable similarity to their other pieces!
Set with polished amazonite , flanked with sparkling marcasite (individually bead-set, not glued!), the ring face measures 10 x 17mm and features lovely milgrain edging along the border of each design element.
In fabulous condition, this near-antique ring is a truly remarkable find – a real one-of-kind!


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K 1/2


4.25 grams


German, 1920s