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1920s Butterfly-Wing Brooch in Sterling Silver

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Art Nouveau in style, this sublime antique English dragonfly brooch bears the maker’s mark of well-known Birmingham silversmith Thomas L Mott.
Mott gained great acclaim for his beautifully crafted silver jewellery incorporating real butterfly wing, capping the delicate wing material under polished glass cabochons to preserve their magic in perpetuity!
Measuring 4.6cm in width, this delightful example features golden fawn coloured butterfly wing with subtle shimmer for a truly ethereal look.
The finely detailed work on the body of the insect is exquisite, while the wings are edged in delicate millgrain.
Fastening securely with its original spring-loaded clasp, this uniquely beautiful brooch will delight lovers of naturalistic jewellery!


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4.06 grams


English, 1920s


Sterling Silver