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Antique Heavy Curb Link Necklace in Solid 9ct Rose Gold

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Luxurious and so sumptuously heavy – this stunning antique necklace is a delight to wear.
Crafted in that soft rosy gold one only finds in antique pieces, it is designed as a graduated curb link chain, the links ranging in width from 8mm in the middle of the chain, to 5mm at the ends. Two original dog clips fasten the necklace, also allowing for the attachment of a pendant if desired.
A substantial, heavy gold chain (weighing 65.79g), the links are solid gold (not hollow!) and every link is stamped “9ct”.
Not too long and not too short, it measures a comfortable 50cm in length – sitting just a few inches below the collar bones.
It is in excellent antique condition, with no wear to the links and both clips functioning as intended, fastening the chain securely.
A magnificent addition to any jewellery wardrobe, this glorious antique necklace is a perfect all-day everyday piece – quality craftsmanship to last many lifetimes!


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50cm in length


65.79 grams


English or Australian, Edwardian


Stamped 9ct to every link