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Antique Norwegian Gilt Silver Solje Brooch

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A stunning antique filigree brooch by famed Norwegian silversmiths David Anderson.
Crafted from solid 830 silver and gilded (coated in gold), this beautiful brooch dates from the early days of the workshop when founding silversmith David Anderson was himself creating many of these masterpieces. Stamped with the hammer & tongs mark (in use from 1888-1925), this piece dates from around the turn of the century.
Designed as a solje (sun) brooch, it combines fine filigree and cannetille wirework with free-swinging “tear drops” to catch and reflect the light during wear. So mesmerising!
Intended to resemble their namesake, solje brooches are believed to bring luck to the wearer and have a centuries long history in the Norwegian jewellerymaking tradition.
This lovely antique piece must have quite the history of its own! In excellent condition with all wirework and gilding intact, it would be a wonderful addition to any antique jewellery collection. A fabulous special occasion brooch, guaranteed to bring sunshine!


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24mm x 83mm


8 grams


Norwegian, c1900


830S + maker's mark