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Antique Victorian Citrine & Agate Pendant in Silver

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A glorious antique Scottish pebble pendant inlaid with agate and cairngorm (citrine), bordered with beautiful hand-engraved foliate detail.
Crafted in silver, it features four contrasting panels of polished hardstone, separated by 4 large honey coloured citrines. Immensely popular in the mid to late 1800s, Scottish pebble jewellery showcased both the local highland geology and the craftsmanship of their local silversmiths – the hand-engraved detail on this pendant is just exquisite.
Providing a little memento of Scotland, such pieces were very popular with English visitors from the south (Queen Victoria was a huge fan of Scottish pebble jewellery!).
This pendant measures a sizable 5.9cm wide and weighs just over 37g. Originally designed as a brooch, it has been converted to a pendant with the addition of a hinged bale. The original c-clasp is still present and it could very easily be reverted back to a brooch if desired.
In excellent antique condition with no chips or cracks, it is a spectacular example of Antique Scottish jewellery – a real collector’s piece!

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Tested as Sterling Silver