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Imperial Russian Gilt Cannetille Bracelet

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An exquisite antique silver gilt bracelet from Imperial Russia (pre-1917).
Stamped with the 84 zolotnik standard (the most commonly used silver standard in the Russian Empire from the late 1800s to early 1900s), this ornate piece has been hand-crafted from 875 silver and coated in gold.
Fashioned as a series of chain-linked cannetille-decorated domes in the Etruscan revival style, the effect is quite magnificent.
Each dome measures 17mm wide and the bracelet is 16cm in length. It fastens securely with its original box clasp and gold safety chain.
The bracelet is stamped on the clasp with Imperial Russian hallmarks. The 84 zolotnik standard, denoting a silver purity of 875, was discontinued after 1917 during the Soviet Era, when decimal standards came into use.
It looks sensational on! A fabulous antique gift for someone special, or perhaps a wonderful treat for yourself.


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16cm length


18 grams


Russian, late 1800s-early 1900s